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Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. This week I decided I really wanted to be as simple as possible. I had errands to run during the day and in the evening I had dinner to attend and I really didn’t want to change my entire outfit but rather make it appropriate for evening wear. For the day outfit I wore my favourite FCUK black jeans which I paired up with my NewLook side cut out sleeveless wool top , some black sliders and fringe bag both from H&M.

For the night out version I still stuck to the monochrome theme and just added some black heels and leather jacket to make the look a bit more sexy, daring and edgy. I didn’t hold a bag or anything in the picture but during the night I held a black flat clutch from Primark

Make-up and Hair: During the day I had some loose waves and put a purple flower crown to make the look a lot more summery and fun and in the evening I stuck to my loose waves with a side parting. Make-up was just a simple black liner on the eyes, nude lip, matte skin finish make up and of course I had to do my highlighting and contouring

I hope you guys enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed styling it

D A Y   Monochrome

IMG_3056IMG_3057 IMG_3061 IMG_3064

N I G H T  Monochrome

IMG_3074 IMG_3097 IMG_3081 IMG_3087 IMG_3141 IMG_3130 IMG_3080 IMG_3095


IMG_3148 IMG_3149 IMG_3177 IMG_3194

Outfit details

Top- New Look

Jeans – FCUK

Sliders- H&M

Bag- H&M

Leather jacket – Wallis

Shoes- Dorothy Perkins

Products that guarantee a MATTE SKIN FINISH for oily skin

Hey guys , so today I decided to do a post based on facial/ make-up products. All these products were not purchased on the same day unfortunately, I managed to discover all of them within a year after test and trial of numerous products which did not work for my skin type as it is very oily.

I was inspired to do this post so I can help those who also struggle with oily skin when they wear make-up, girls that are tired of re-touching their make-up every half an hour and people that get oily very quickly and their make-up suddenly looks undesirable. Well let me just guarantee you that these products will definitely give you a matte finish look you need and want which will last all day long, makes your make up stay in place and prevents the skin from producing excessive oil.



The first product is a deep cleansing gel which I purchased in Westfield from a cosmetic station called ONSEN. I use this cleansing gel twice a day, this product helps purify my skin and it really penetrates into your skins cleanses it controls the oil in your skin. (it has lasted me 6 months since purchase)



Lancome has become very popular as it now caters for all skin types including Women of colour. When I purchased this foundation I mentioned I wanted a matte skin finish and that I had very oily skin. This product is definite essential. It applies on very lightly, smooth and literally lasts all day.


NO7 – Beautifully Matte

MAC- Creme Matifiante

No7 beautifully matte has to be one of my favourite products, a little goes a long way and the best way to use this product and get the desired results is to mix it with your foundation.This make-up base also works for oily foundations and give amazing results.

The MAC  velvet cream is an excellent mattifier is gives you a smooth matte finish and has a velvet feel to it, and also very light and soft. Apply onto skin before the foundation or it can be mixed together with foundation, either way the result is beautiful



 I use this Ben Nye banana powder to set my concealer. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you are going for a dewy glow. This setting powder sets your face to a matte finish and also adds a lovely yellow highlight under the eye.

IMG_3009 IMG_2948

Elizabeth Arden – Powder

ELF- Translucent Powder

MAC- Studio Fix

The powders are also my favourite products when it comes to having a matte skin finish. The translucent powder is great for control oily skin, it colourless and one application lasts all day. The MAC studio fix powder is also vital for a matte skin finish, it is the type of product would have carried in my purse so that I can blot my face when I get oily but now I just use it once after my foundation application and I’m done.

Thank you for visiting my blog

Until next time xx


Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I know I have been very quiet recently but that’s mainly to losing motivation but now I’m back and I have a lot coming up for you guys this summer. A couple of months ago I started developing an interest in doing videos and thought about it for a while. I have finally done a fashion Look book, something very simple and basic. I chose to do work-wear for my first video because I hardly ever see any content on Youtube based on work-wear and I also thought the outfits are easy to put together as they are some of the basics that most people tend to have in their wardrobe. The quality is not the very best but I promise I will get better.

Here’s the link to the video on youtube |

or the channel name is JadoreCaroline.


Home-made pore minimising face mask

One of the most annoying things for a girl that wears make up is having large pores which are extremely visible and finding the right treatment for your pores without having something that irritates your skin or is too expensive is also time consuming. So recently I started researching some home- made methods that are simple to make and only need a few ingredients and found a great face mask which is made up of 2  ingredients and great for people with oily skin like mine (which is literally like a frying pan after 2 hours )pores


1/2 tablespoon grated cucumber

1/4 cup plain yogurt

Prep and Instructions:

1. Mix all ingredients together to create a thick liquid

2. Apply mixture to your face and leave for 30 minutes

3. Wash mask thoroughly with warm water


The yogurt contains a lactic acid, a mild alpha hydroxyl which helps to keep the skin hydrated

The yogurt’s lactic acid also promotes healthy skin

Cucumber helps to cool the skin and helps to tighten the facial pores


That Camel

This week’s post is all about keeping warm this winter but yet staying chic!

I wore this outfit on a lunch date with my girls in Westfields. I remember that day cause after lunch on my way home I was stuck in traffic for 1 and half hour on the A40 (grrrrr). I am in love with this coat ever since KIMYE started wearing it, its still trending and I must say its all that. I wore this coat with a knitted sweater from Matalan and a skirt which I also saw in Matalan which matches the coat and my fluffy heels from Missguided.

I never intended on wearing all these things together but when  did it weren’t half bad. I stuck to simple colours because I wanted the coat to stand out and didn’t want to over power it too much with other colours. Oh don’t you just love the lovely fur piece on my coat makes it a bit more sophisticated.

More details on the outfit  down below


IMG_2627 IMG_2626 IMG_2624 IMG_2622 IMG_2618 IMG_2613 IMG_2614 IMG_2628 IMG_2619 IMG_2633 IMG_2635

Outfit details

Coat- Boohoo

Sweater/Jumper- Matalan

Fur Collar- Accesorize

Skirt- Matalan

Shoes Missguided

Bag- Zara

IMG_2693 IMG_2653 IMG_2707 IMG_2708 IMG_2718 IMG_2713 IMG_2710

White Autumn

Hey guys ….. welcome back to my blog

So I have made a decision to start posting frequently just so I can keep you guys posted on what I wear when I am going to events/outings. I feel as though I don’t update you regularly as I should (which is really bad) but I will also be doing a few beauty posts and for all my ladies out there I have a few books I need to tell you about that are just so mmmmhhh amazingly encouraging. They cover many aspects of what we go through as women but anywhoooo….. Today’s post is just an outfit I wore a week ago to a family event which was so lovely and intimate and I really enjoyed cause I got the chance to just be with family. I forgot I had these pictures for a second but anyways I hope you guys enjoy.

P.S some of the pictures are a bit blurry but I decided to put them up cause I thought they were quite cool and some I got excited editing sooo mmmmhhh good luck

Quote of the day: You cant hope to see the sun if you don’t open your eyes (B2M)



IMG_2607 IMG_2600 IMG_2609 IMG_2606 IMG_2605

IMG_2591 IMG_2592


Outfit details

Shoes- RiverIsland

Skirt- Missguided (click here)

Top- Missguided (click here)

Thigh highs and Oversize

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog

I am so excited about winter this year (weird isn’t it) mainly because of the new trends coming out, snuggling up in my warm PJs watching telly and the fact that I am finally driving so that means I am not limited to wearing  certain clothing when I leave the house when its either raining, snowing or icy.

I can literally be sexy inside my car and carry flat shoes in my boot just in case. But anywhoooooo before I start rambling on I just wanted to let you know about my current obsession for this winter season which are thigh high boots and oversized jumpers/sweaters. These two items combined together create a very chic, comfortable and sexy combination. Some of my favourite thigh high boots and oversizsed jumpers/sweaters this season are:

thigh high 6 thigh high 2 Micah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Rihanna Riri thigh high 4

Absolutely amazing!!! Now imagine these babies paired together with some of these sweaters

overszed jump ovszed jumper 3 oversized-1 fadf2c472290dbed77726f5237caac12

Now we are talking!!! I recently just purchased an oversized jumper from Zara in white which is so fabulous. Here are some of the places you can grab one of these beautiful jumpers Zara, Missguided, Asos, Miss Selfridge etc

Its unfortunate that the boots might be way off your budget if you want good quality leather or suede so therefore you might end up having to invest a bit more than you hoped.

Here is a link to some nice thigh high boots for a reasonable price from Next ( HERE) but they are worth looking out for.

Thank you


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